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Jan 1984  MAD Magazine
War Games, Psycho 2, 9 to 5


Mad Number 244, January 1984.
I loved this magazine when I was a kid.  I remember sneaking to read it like it was some kind of taboo.  I loved Spy vs Spy and the art from Don Martin.  All the little skits and the variety of parodies  - I think it was one of the best magazines out there. 
And one of the really cool things was no ads!  Oh, and don't forget the Mad Fold-In's in the back.  This one hasn't been folded. 

This magazine was kept with the comics  in a box found in the attic. It has age coloration, but otherwise looks to be in good shape. I expect it spent more time stored in a box than they did being read.

$10.00 or Best Offer

1985           Star Comics
Heathcliff by Geo Gately 
Vol. 1,  No.s  1 and 3


Heathcliff: The Case of the Looney London Adventure and The Cat-Napping Caper  Warren Kremer, Jacqueline Roettcher, Grace Kremer, Peter Kremer, George Roussos, Sid Jacobson, Tom DeFalco, and Jim Shooter.

It's fun to see the advertisements in these little magazines. These have ads for the Care bears, Spaghettios, and Bonkers Candies. 

All of these comics were kept together in a box found in the attic, and all of the comics look to be in the same condition.  They all have age coloration, but otherwise look to be in good shape.  They were not kept by a collector, but by an adolescent who carefully read them, if they were read at all.  I expect these spent more time stored in a box than they did being read.

More pictures can be found below.    I'm asking $5 for each. 

$10.00 or Best Offer