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Instructions for Purchase.
This isn't being set up as a regular store: These items are a collection that belongs to one household. They have been kept by the family for up to 50 years. Generally, there is only one of each item available.  As the items are sold, they will be removed from the site. You will know for sure that you have purchased the item when you receive an invoice for the item.  Even at that point, you can change your mind.  
If you would like to purchase an item, please send an email with your request.  This isn't an auction - the items will be sold in order of email receipt, unless the offer you make is too low for us to accept. In that case, we will give you one counter offer, which you can accept or decline. 
If you would like to buy several items at once, feel free to make an offer on all of the items as a lot.  If the offer is too low, we will give you one counter offer, which you can accept or decline.  
An invoice for the item will be sent to your email, and once payment is complete, the item will be sent to whatever address you provide, via the United States Postal Service.  Shipping is NOT included in the price of the items and will be added to the invoice once the item is packaged and weighed for shipping. 
If you live in the Cincinnati Area, we can make arrangements for Pickup or Delivery if you would prefer. 
Return Policy - No returns will be accepted unless there is a large discrepency in what the person was expecting to receive.  
Overall, there will be no returns accepted.

Please Note:  We are using this
method because

there is only one* of each item.

* Usually.

Open Discussion 

Do you have questions or comments that might be interesting to everyone?  Please feel free to ask them here.  Otherwise, please click on the "Red Bidding Icon" that you will find beneath the price of every item. You can ask questions or make comments more privately through that link.