Currently, I spend several hours a day working on maintaining my websites and writing blogs. Since illustration isn't a steady income, I bump up my revenue by working as a freelance transcriptionist.  I do this mostly through Pactera Remote. The work isn't stable, but they pay a better wage than most other online transcription services. 

I still work with other services every now and then, just because I enjoy the work and like the people with whom I've become acquainted. I've made several international friends this way! Below are the two main transcription services in which I work. 

For Audio/Video transcription, I highly recommend these folks.  They take their jobs very seriously.
I enjoy doing transcription for GoTranscript.com - they have a great group of transcriptionists and editors who take the time to chat together and mentor each other. They have been around for a while and are a reputable service provider. They are always looking for new ways to improve their work, and though it doesn't pay much by U.S. levels, I really enjoy working with them
Go Transcript
From time to time I do transcription for Scribie.com - although it doesn't pay much, it keeps my typing skills sharp and gives me a break from doing general artwork. If you are in need of audio transcription, please consider using their services - they have been around for a while and are a reputable service provider.