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A Turtle and Tortoise Collection

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Jade Tortoise Pendant or Charm

This tiny jade tortoise is missing the right front foot.  it measures about a half inch long and weighs about 0.1 oz.   It could be used either as a pendant for a necklace or a charm for a bracelet, and was in fact attached to a silver charm bracelet at one time.  This tiny turtle or tortoise is over 30 years old.  
5.00 or Best Offer


Silver and Turquoise 
Tortoise Ring - Jewelry 

Here we have a tarnished sliver ring shaped like a tortoise and decorated with pieces of turqoise.  I'm not sure what type the red stone is in the center.  This ring is over 30 years old and has seen a lot of wear.  This piece is intact - none of the stones are missing.  
The tortoise measures appx half an inch long.  The ring is a very snug size 6.  It weighs 0.1 oz. total
​$7.00 or best offer.